Tuesday 16 June 2015

Graffam Sci-Fi #5

As a quick little kit I built Dave Graffam's first Sci-Fi Bunker SF-01. Truth be told I'd never fancied this model, but after building the previous models (which had all turned out much better than I expected from the website) and one of Dave's frequent sales I decided to pick it up.

It is a basic strongpoint bunker. The back wall lifts up so that models can be put inside. Before building I'd thought that the flap would hang loose annoyingly, but the bunker is designed in such a way that it actually just squeezes in at the bottom and stays down in a very simple manner. A brilliant piece of simple design.

Again another of Graffam's Sci-fi range that has completely deceived me. It is a great, simple piece that could be put into many different table-scapes. As with most of Dave's products there are multiple layer options, so I can see a version of this being made in jungle colours in the future (as well as a second copy in these ones!)


  1. Love it! A fan of Dave Graffam's stuff myself; great products!

    1. Yes indeed. My unprinted pdf pile almost rivals my unpainted lead pile.

  2. Great little build dude! Useful too.