Wednesday 28 January 2015

SoBH Campaign 4 - Battle 11

The villagers gathered round the market cross to hear the news. There was a warband coming to take them from their settlement. Would no body step in to save them?

The Scenario was "Slavers". One warband (the Woodland Guardians) had to subdue the villagers (by defeating them in battle) and taking them off the table, but if they rolled a kill then they were too exuberant and had killed their target. The other warband (the First Law) were there to help. THey had to convince to paniced locals (winning a quality roll) that they were here to help and carry them off the table. 1VP per villager escorted off the table.

The First Law:
  • Bayaz, (Warband Leader) First of the Magi, 120pts Q2+, C3 Special Rules: Leader, Magic User, Traps
    Item: Armband of Protection
  • Black Dow (Warrior) 30pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Fearless, Dogged
  • Logen Ninefingers (Warrior) 42pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Fearless, Forester
  • Forley the Weakest, (Archer) 44pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Shooter (Long)
  • Rudd Threetrees (Warrior), 46 Pts,Q3+ C4 Special Rules: Steadfast
  • Ferro Maljinn (Elite Archer), 62 Pts, Q3+, C 3Special Rules: Shooter (Long), Unerring Aim, Stealth, Steadfast
  • Curnden Craw (Warrior), 36 Pts, Quality 3+ Combat Special Rules: Free Disengage
Everglade Forest Guardians:
  • Galan (Wood Elf Leader) Q2+,C3 Special Rules: Forester,Leader,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage, Acrobat, Steadfast
    Item: Charmstone x 1
  • Folmon (Wood Elf Warrior)  Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Steadfast, Mounted
  • Anlyth (Wood Elf Warrior) Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Steadfast
    Item: Strength Belt.
  • Rusgon (Wood Elf Warrior) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Acrobat, Forester
  • Ailuin (Wood Elf Warrior)  Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Mounted
  • Gilrin (Wood Elf Warrior);Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester
  • Thonor (Dryad) Q3+, C2 Special Rules Forester, Distract, Free Disengage, Steadfast
  • Tatharon (Wood Elf Archer) ;Q3+, C3 Special Rules Forester,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage, Acrobat, Stealth
  • Galadthel (Elite Wood Elf Archer) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Acrobat, Forester,Shooter: Long, Unerring Aim, Stealth
  • Lavathor (Wood Elf Beastmaster) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Acrobat, Forester, Beastmaster
  • Squeal (Wild Boar) Q4+, C2 Special Rules: Animal, Forester, Long Move
  • Gouger (Wild Boar) Q4+, C2 Special Rules: Animal, Forester, Long Move
  • Soar (Eagle) Q3+, C2 Special Rules: Animal, Flying, Long Move
  • Gresal (Centaur Hero) Q3+, C4, Big, Hero, Long Move, Savage
The First Law rushed into the village centre to get to the peasants before the Elven warband arrived.

The advance party of the Everglade Guardians galloped in, but an early turnover handed the First Law some extra time.

The villagers gladly turned to their human saviours, whilst the berserk Logan and Forley attacked the threat of the Cenataur, Gresal.

The Guardians were starting to arrive in numbers now, with warriors being given rides on the cavalry back. The extra numbers counted, as Gresal regained his feet and killed poor Forley.

The rest or the First Law were sticking to their task and escorting the villagers towards safety.

meanwhile the whirling blades of Logan fell silent, and the human's defensive front line was gone.

This left the supporting Bayaz vulnerable. He fired off a fireball at the swooping eagle, Soar, but others joined in. Still carrying a badly healed wound to his staff arm, Bayaz stood little chance.

The loss of their leader caused the First Law to forget their charges and flee.

But Rudd Threetrees rallied. Outraged at the fall of his leader he charged in and immediately dispatched Anlyth.

The rest of the Guardian's were trying to capture some locals whilst this was all going on. They were finding it far from straight forward though, with Folmon being toppled in his attempt, and Rusgon being too exuberant and killing his intended target.

Bayaz should his charges how it was done, as was soon making his way from the village.

Rudd Threetrees was making an effort to save some of the locals in the meantime. But he was harried by Soar and Gresal all the way until he felt the stone of the ruins at his back.

He moved to putting himself between the attackers and villager, but the outcome was a poor one for the giant warrior.

With resistance all but gone, the Guardian's managed to remove enough living bodies from the village to accomplish their brief.

Battle Outcome: Everglade Guardians Victory.

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