Saturday 4 May 2013

More Reaction System Demos

It's been an age since the Hobby Shed has hosted a game, so it great to finally be in there with dice rolling and sounds of joy (and anguish). It was a "getting to know the Reaction System" evening, but due to a variety of health issues we were whittled down to 2 players - myself and my regular Wednesday night SoBH MacSver. Unfazed we bashed on...

I'd had a lot of fun the previous evening raking out and arranging a table that would maximise movement despite the ranged nature of the game, with the hope that this would induce regular instances of the key THW mechanic, the Insight Test. Also I put out some "scoring zones" to recreate the Unreal Tournament Domination game played out a good while ago under CR2 conditions

As you can see a busy table. Lots of levels, a few good vantage points and a variety of routes round the table. I also tried to put "scoring zones" in relatively open spots to avoid any side camping down on them. MacSver started on the right of the table, which had an advantage of being slightly quicker to a couple of scoring zones, and I started in on the opposite end which had the possible plus of a nearby tower dominating the corner of the table.

 MacSver's forces move out towards the first scoring zone (red\black square)

 My forces split. The leader takes 2 grunts through the cover of the pipe system to push down one side of the table. The other duo headed for the corner tower (and a scoring zone)

Splitting his force, MacSver soon had control of 3 of the 4 scoring zones.

 But pressure from the corner vantage point started to tell. Casualties were dealt out from the corner vantage point, and with MacSver's forces down or ducking back into cover the Grey clad Troops started to push in on their objectives.

A speedy flanking move caught the enemy Heavy Machine gun out and he was blasted down. In the end the casualties told for MacSver and his leader was closed down bravely fighting over a his last scoring point.

A very enjoyable game, with lots of movement and a good amount of action. Even with it being MacSver's first game with these rules the game moved smoothly was played in less than 2 hours (like it says on the tin!).

Next game we play we'll start to add attributes to bring some individuality to the troops. Thinking caps (and shopping bags) are at the ready to figure out what type\theme of force we want to put together...

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