Friday 12 October 2012

SoBH Campaign 3 - Battle 1

Battlefield: Open Plains
Weather: Normal (altered from Thunderstorm by Elementalist)
Scenario: Chance Encounter
Defender: Humans

The forces were per the initial force lists.


The table was set-up as a wide open plain with 3 scenic items across the middle. As per scenario rules each player took turn placing one of his opponents figure anywhere on the table (at least one long measurement from a foe)

This scenario has been played before, and the big danger always seems to be figures getting isolated. The balance here seemed to be short moves of the dwarves delaying their re-grouping whilst for the humans the dwarves were individually stronger in battle.

Knowing this, and looking to take advantage of some poor placement by the Barbarian player Snowbeard made moves to close in on the vulnerable looking Elementalist, Ooko. Ooko defended himself by summoning up a Fire Elemental to act as a warm welcome should the Dwarf Warrior come any closer.

The Dwarves with their greater numbers were managing to start edge round the table to meet up, with the humans mostly moving towards the centre ruins.

Human Leader Ardaric had made to through to meet his archer Erwig. This would give Erwig the quality boost to encourage him to roll more dice and get those aimed shots, given the chance.

On the other side of the plains Dwarven Commander Valgen and met up with his long time Sergeant, Falster, and formidable duo made their way towards both their comrades and foes.

The primary pair continued their progress, and managed to take one of their young brethern under their wing, after he'd managed to manouver his way out if the ruins keeping out of sight of the human archer.

But during the march MacSver had rolled a couple of early turnovers, and the human warband had used this and their longer strides to group together first. Their numbers were also bolstered by Ooko, who had taken advantage of the extra space to summon a Water Elemental.

So the humans were grouped. Ruins kept the hardened dwarven warriors at arms length at one side, the Elementals kept the forces at bay on the other, and on the final side the low combat of the new young warrior and crossbow man were delaying the advance as they were aware of the range (and possible shot bonus) of the human archer.

Realising that they were in danger of being attacked in numbers on 3 sides, Ardaric decided to take his force into a wooded copse for protection. The dwarf lines were thin here, with only a single young dwarf in threatening range. Also his archers could take advantage of the ambush cover the wood would provide.

But not for the first time MacSver's dice failed him again, leaving the chance for a late human strike. The archer aimed and knocked down the young Beardling. The fire elemental fluffed his roll, not getting enough to move in and attack, but the second try with the water elemental worked, and it moved in and dispatched the rookie.

The humans then shrank back into the protection of the foliage, wary of any late hopeful long range shots from the dwarven crossbows. With time running out Valgen called his warriors back and away. He may have lost this tense and cagey meeting, but he knew there were still many battles to be fought.

Battle Result: A 1 VP win for the Barbarians.

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