Monday 23 July 2012

Wamp Hasslefree Competition

Opened up Wamp's latest newsletter email today (a week after publication but these things happen when your away on your holidays) to look at the usual nice tutorials, gallery pictures, etc. I've been a registered member there for the best part of a couple of years now but as it's more a painters forum rather than a gamers one I've never really done anything else other than lurk.

The latest newsletter, however, sparked my interest. They are holding a Hasslefree Miniatures contest. Now I have quite a few Hasslefree mini's in the unpainted zone at the moment and I had fun painting for the last (and only so far) online competition at the Pendraken forum at the start of the year. I've no illusions about winning, but with a 2 month entry deadline I hope that I'll be able to knock up an entry or two amidst my tabletop army painting.

My Pendraken Competition Entry
It'll be a nice distraction from painting the same colour scheme over and over. I certainly enjoyed my one off for Tristan and it's always nice to try and up your game for a mini or two every now and again - even if it's just to remind yourself what areas you need work on.


  1. just a little note to say I have been doing little bits on your guy in between work on my new blood bowl team. haven't gotten to his hair yet but when I do will post a pic!

  2. Good to hear from you. No bother about rushing the fig. He wouldn't have been called to action and won't be any time soon :-)

  3. I'm just glad painting up my new team is sparking more painting motivation. Just some metallics, highlights and the hair to go!