Tuesday 17 May 2011

Free Reads

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Just a quick post, so you all know I'm still breathing.

This week (already) has seen the release of two of my favourite free pdf publications.

The first is the bi-monthly "The Ancible" - a magazine that specialises in Sci-Fi and Fantasy gaming, with no fixed game of manufacturer to promote, which is refreshing. This wee beauty started off as a pay-for product, but the plan has now fallen on advertising to pay the costs. The quality hasn't deminished however, and the adverts do not get in the way of the magazine. The new copy (Issue 9) has a walkthrough totorial of building and painting the mighty Warmachine Khador Battle Wagon, a couple of nice painting tutorials and interviews and much mech madness with an article on Metal Gear Arena and an "out the box" review of the new Battle Tech Intro box. I'm also eagerly looking forward to the next issue which the spoiler seems to feature some Aeronef action.

The second publication is the monthly e-zine for the friendly painting forum WAMP - Portal .The magazine is a bit of a monthly forum highlights magazine, so there are loads of nice gallery pictures that have been put up and some great tutorials as well, along with figure reviews of all sorts.

Really my descriptions don't do these justice, so give them your support and download away. It'll cost you nothing!

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