Monday 7 March 2011

Gladiator School - Month 3

Abercius's leg wound didn't heal in time for this months fight.

Balbillus (Rep 4 Retiarus) vs Rep 4 Secutor

Turn 1: Dice Pool: Retiarus(20), Secutor(20), Init Secutor
  •  Both advance towards each other (10" Gap)
Turn 2: Dice Pool: Retiarus(20), Secutor(20), Init Secutor
  • Secutor Advances 3"
  • Retiarus Advances 2" to the edge of his Net range and attacks. At this range the Secutor sees it coming and grabs the end of the net. This results in a brief tug of war which the Retiarus wins, and he retrieves his net.
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Retiarus(15), Secutor(17) Init Retiarus (5" Gap)
  • Retiarus Net attack, but the Secutor is ready again and grabs the net. Again the Retiarus manages to win the pulling contest and retrieve his net.
  • The Sectutor then closes in 3"
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Retiarus(11), Secutor(13) (2" Gap) Init Retiarus
  • The Retiarus backs away from the Secutor 2" then springs a thrird net attack. This one catches his opponent out and he is pulled face down into the dust, ensnared in the net.
  • The Retiarus rushes forward to take advantage, making sure that he uses the superior reach of his trident to stay out of harms way. But in his haste the strike only catches the Secutors large helmet and the fallen Gladiator turns over to face his enemy, still on the ground.
  • The Retiarus still manages to get another attack in whilst the Secutor is on the ground, but it is fended off.
  • The Secutor manages to make it to his feet, retreat away from the Retiarus and removes the net, which is thrown, useless onto the ground. The Retiarus will have to battle the unwounded, but tired Secutor with only his trident. 
Turn 5: Dice Pool: Retiarus(4), Secutor(2), Init Retiarus
  • The Retiarus moves forward to a 1" range and attacks, but his tired efforts are parried away.
  • Knowing he cannot get away from his opponent to catch his breath the Secutor makes one final attack, but the thrust of his weapon is avoided and he finaly surrenders exhausted.
Balbillus is declared victorious and received 4 AP and 4 Fame.

Caecilianus (Rep 3 dwarf Hoplomachus) vs Rep 3 Murmillo

 Turns 1&2: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(15), Murmillo(15)
  • Both Gladiators advance towards each other (finishing turn 2 6" apart)
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(15), Murmillo(15), Init Murmillo
  • Murmillo moves forward 3"
  • Hoplomachus moves forward to 1" gap and attacks. The Murmillo blocks the effort and stabs forward, but the extra reach og the spear has kept the Hoplomachus out of harms reach. 
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(13), Murmillo(12), Init Hoplomachus
  • Again the Hoplomachus attacks from outside his opponents reach, but loses out, thankful again for the reach advantage.
  • The Murmillo advances to striking range and makes an attack, trying to press home his size advantage. He hits the little Gladiator in the belly, but not well enough to wound and the little man staggers back 1".
 Turn 5: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(7), Murmillo(6), Init Murmillo
  • Trying to get the upper hand on his retreating opponent the Murmillo advances and attacks again, only to pushed back 1" with an aching belly himself this time. Luckily with no wound.
  • The Hoplomachus then makes his attack, but it comes to nothing.
Turn 6: Dice Pool: Hoplomachus(2), Murmillo(1), Init Hoplomachus
  • Both Gladiators are exhausted, so that when the Hoplomachus makes a half hearted attack, his opponent can only just match him before surrendering exhausted.
Caecilianus is declared victorious and received 3 AP and 3 Fame.

Dacien (Rep 4 Thracian) vs Rep 4 Retiarus

Turn 1: Dice Pool: Thracian(20), Retiarus(20)
  • Both Gladiators advance towards each other (to a 9" Gap)
Turn 2: Dice Pool: Thracian(20), Retiarus(20), Init Thracian
  • Thracian advances half an inch, wary of his opponents effective attack range.
  • The Retiarus moves up to his maximum net attack range.
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Thracian(20), Retiarus(20) Init Thracian
  • Dacien moves forward towards his opponent, hoping to fend off the inevitable net attack and get to striking distance.
  • The net attack is launched but fended off. The gladiators are 2" apart now. Within movement and melee attack range of the Thracian next round.
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Thracian(17), Retiarus(18), Init Retiarus
  • Crucially the Retiarus gets his attack in before the Thracian get to melee range and he manages to this time esnare his opponent and pull him face down to the ground.
  • He quickly makes a follow up attack, wounding the prone entangles man in the upper back.
  • Dacien rolls over in time to see a second attack come in to his chest, but manages to roll his shield in the way, saving himself from a second, fatal upper body wound.
  • Again the Retiarus thrusts forward. Again his attack is blocked, but the efforts of being ensnared and on the ground are too much for Dacien, and he is forced to surrender. 

Eborius (Rep 4 Provocator) vs Rep 4 Provocator

As both combatants are of the Provocator style, the report will mention Eborius by name and his opponent as Provocator.

Turns 1&2: Dice Pool: Eborius(20), Provocator(20)
  • Both gladiators move towards each other to close to a 6" Gap
Turn 3: Dice Pool: Eborius(20), Provocator(20), Init Eborius
  • Eborius moves 2"
  • The Provocator moves a full 3" to leave a 1" gap
Turn 4: Dice Pool: Eborius(20), Provocator(20), Init Provocator
  • The Provocator moves in and attacks, but his efforts are matched.
  • Eborius attempts to flank his opponent, but his opponent turns to face his manouvering opponent before any attack comes in.
  • Eborius still presses home his attack though, and the Provocator staggeres back half an inch with a bleeding wound in is belly.
Turn 5: Dice Pool: Eborius(14), Provocator(11), Init Provocator
  • The Provocator replies with an attack, but his fresh wound slows him and it is easily countered.
  • Eborius is over confident in his next attack and the result of a full strength counter leaves Eborius staggering back 1" clutching his badly bleeding belly in disbelief.
Turn 6: Dice Pool: Eborius(5), Provocator(7), Init Provocator
  • Seeing his opponent is in trouble, the Provocator makes a bash attack on Eborius, sending him painfully back an inch.
  • Eborius is very fatigued now, and realises that he needs to knock his opponent to the ground if he has any chance of victory. Hope springs to him as a return bash attack knocks the Provocator to the ground, but the weary follow-up attack is pushed away and Eborius is forced to surrender exhausted and wounded.

Caius says: "worst month of the new school so far. With so many laurel wreaths won last month I was hoping to get one or two more an increase the value of my gladiators with their extra fame levels, but instead I've ended up with a net result of 3 wounded gladiators and no additional cash. There are also rumours that the rules of combat are changing, just to make things complicated. I'll have to check with my accountant to see what the implications are, but if those wounds don't heal my purse will be lighter, which is bad news."

The new version of Red Sand, Blue Sky has just been released by Two Hour Wargames. The gladiator make-up is completely different to the previous set, so the implications are that poor Caius may have to sell his current stock and buy a new batch of slave to train up. We'll have to see...


  1. Looks like dark times for the Ludus...

    Great reports, pls keep 'em coming!

  2. Well interesting ones anyway. I'll have to have a run through a couple of test games to check the rules and tactics. Not that it seems that Id nailed the old system at all!