Wednesday 16 December 2009

Blog beginnings

Huzzah - another wargaming blog I hear you cry.

Well yes, I can't deny it (the evidence is (hopefully) being updated before your eyes. The more the merrier I say.

I thought I'd start one up and here I am unexpectedly faced with my first post only a couple of clicks into the creation process.

It is a blatent tool for focusing my gaming mind and hopefully providing a few moments of distraction for others. My painting skills I rank as average and the time I get to spend on my projects varies, so don't go expecting huge armies expertly painted in a couple of weeks. I feel, however, that I am in the same boat as a large number of gamers with a job, family and chores vying for time and attention.

In the end it's a case of enjoyment over perfection. Maybe one day I'll be able to bring the two closer together...

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