Friday, 27 August 2010

Dungeon Interior Design

The bricks and mortar of the 10mm dungeon are now painted. Only managed to squeeze off a couple of shots before my camera battery died. (must remember to pay more attention to the little icon on the back screen!).

Undercoated grey (Halfords auto primer) , washed in diluted black/brown mix (cheap artists acrylic & Klear) and drybrushed grey (wall paint tester pot). The floor edges have been drybrushed with Miniature Paints Earth Brown to simulate the accumulation of muck that gathers at the side of tunnels. I did play with the idea of using fine sand, but thought that it may hinder the placement of doors, etc as well as maybe looking out of scale - I'm sure a grain of fine sand at 10mm must come close to a pebble scaled up!

A few spots of algae covered damp (drybrushed green, stippled with green ink & bright orange and coated in PVA glue) have been added to the corridors for effect. I've not put any in the rooms, as I'm assuming they'd get enough use not to let damp accumulate. That may change though...


  1. Looks fantastic bud, I want something similar in larger scale to use my 'stand-in' WHQ figs. :)

  2. Cheers, Tristan.

    I've been planning a 28mm dungeon for YEARS but never managed. I've several boxes of cheap "lego-style" bricks in the hobby shed top back that up. I think they'll now have to be put to some other as-yet-unknown use instead...

  3. such simplictiy and yet it looks amazing, well done