Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Half Orc Paladin

If a brief flurry of bristles I managed to squeeze off a mini for one of my D&D characters - Mord the Half Orc Paladin. Not surprisingly these are pretty thin on the ground, so I've painted up a Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Mordor Orc. The helmet covers most the racial features and the LOTR sculpts are quite slim, so he doesn't stand out too much. In fact he's almost puny by orc-ish standards. No wonder he turned to religion and hangs out with a gnome! His the colours chosen are to match the robes of his mentor.

The pupil and the Master

Why a Gnome cleric? Because this is the figure that I painted for the last ill-fated D&D 4e campaign that David tried to run. It unfortunately only lasted 2 sessions, so a return of the Gnome is on was on the cards (even if he is more heavily built than his Half-orc charge!).

Also significantly it takes me over my painted/bought threshold. I'm in the black. Although 10 RTB01 Space Marines came through the door today to plunge me back under. But for nearly 10 hours I was up - hurrah for me!


  1. I love the old beakie space marines. I discovered the other day that Forge World produce a current -- and expensive -- set that looks quite nice.

  2. Good job on the mordor orc. I like the freehand shield emblem. I got tons of RTB01 marines when building up bits for my space sharks. Most bits are squirreled or traded away but I do have a large number of legs. If you need any replacements or extras let me know - they are going to waste here.

  3. Nice Paladin, even nicer CLERIC! It warms my heart to see a Cleric player.

  4. Thanks for the kind offer, Tristan, I'll bear it in mind - although I don't think I be getting the numbers to filed a large force like your Space Sharks, which are Sweet btw.

    As for the the cleric question, always good to do something different, although the D&D 4e rules make it difficult to have him as non-offensive as I'd like.