Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Out with the old, in with the new (Part 2)

Well with a new year brings a new set of gaming aims and projects. Isn't it funny (or perhaps not) that you can go from one year to the next failing to carry out the plans from the previous year and having no plans to continue them? I suppose thats why so many of us have numbers of boxes of miniatures stashed around the house gathering dust!

So to continue with tradition this years list almost has no connection to last year's list.

  1. Finish the Dog Soldiers project. OK, OK I know this was on last years list, that's why I included the "almost" get out clause in the above sentence. As seen from other posts I have the end in sight for this one, and I plan to have it polished off for the end of January ready for playing.
  2. Song of Blades and Heroes warbands. Last year I was bitten by the excellent Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset bug (published by Ganesha Games). It's a fun, fast and easy system to play. Perfect for a couple of hours entertainment with my young son, arabiansquire. However the figures we've been playing with have been somewhat limited to those I already have painted up for RPGing. Whilst there are a few to choose from there are a lack of opitions available to make up a more coherent warband. This is to addressed this year.
  3. Modern Civilian Warbands. In previous years I've played some of Two Hour Wargames "All Things Zombie", but I have very few figures for players to use. Again bite sized small groups are needed here.
  4. Zombies. For #3. You can never have too many and I doubt if I have quite enough (painted of course. I have a box full unpainted on a shelf)
  5. Doctor Who. This one has come from a bit left field, but as a break between projects I hope to a least paint a couple of the Doctor Who miniatures I've been accumulating over the past few years. One day I may even have enough to game with...
  6. Card Stock Buildings. This is a continuation from an un-official project last year. During my lunch (half) hours I've been slowly putting togther some fantasy card stock buildings. Not only is this good for my health (taking me away from the compter screen) and gives me some mental downtime but keeps my hobby spirits up with a bit of progress.
  7. Focus. This is more an aim rather that a project, but to try and focus on one project at a time. Too many good projects are sitting unfinished and therefore unplayed. I love to play, so I need to finish them. It's quite simple really. That's why all my projects this year are bite sized SMART ones (just to use a horrible business term for a second)
As with the best lists there will be unexpected extras depending on what crops up, usually as a result of my Roleplaying, to be fair. But I'll handle (and post) those as I come to them.

Wish me luck.


  1. SMART objectives - Oh dear, you're not a serious wargamer then. LOL!

    Focus yes - unfortunately all the new 15mm Sci Fi scuppered all plans I had to focus. This year..yes this year I shall - yeah right!


  2. Well, we can all at least start out with good intentions.

  3. I take that the SMART in gaming parliance means Shiny Metal And Rarly Touched