Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Skaven warband - Planning ahead

With the final stages of my current project underway I find my mind wandering to the next great thing - a Songs of Blade and Heroes warband. I have 3 non human ones lined up in my mind, although I don't have all the models yet. Goblin, Skaven and Wood Elf. Of the 3 I have way more old plastic Games Workshop goblins in a painted state already so they whould be quite quick to add a few more models to, but I think that Skaven will be the ones for few reasons:
  1. Skaven are dirty mutated vermon. This will obviously be reflected in the paint job - so I can quickly get them table ready with a base coat and a dip.
  2. I want to theme the warband around the pack/swarm/horde/mischief of rats feel - so lots of warriors/scouts rushing in groups (to take advantage of their gregarious special rule) with a couple of personalities.
  3. My Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying group are just about to get back and I've been short of decent skaven models to throw at them so far. (RPG Disclaimer: Please note to those in the group this does not mean you will meet skaven in the next couple of sessions!)

After a trail through ebay I've picked up these which should the job. The "new" GW skaven are full of character and variety. With so few models on the table I want a variety of poses. I also wanted a mage like figure, and this plague monk Lord Skrolk fits the bill well without being too OTT. In a box somewhere there are also sitting a few old giant rats (Citadel perhaps), so a Skaven Beastmaster with his Rat Pack (or perhaps controled swarm?) will give something different within theme. I'm sure there will be a conversion friendly figure in the group that I bought to keep costs down.

Off to the cupboard to get the paint removal products (Dettol)

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