Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dog Soldiers Update - Squaddies

Barring the final coats of varnish the squaddies are now done. They are Gripping Beast Falklands Marines with the woolly hat head option. I've tried to stick as close to the weapon descriptions in the scenario as possible (3 MP5s, 1 G-3 AR and a shotgun), but without a shotgun option I've just gone with heavy machine gun as a proxy. As long as it's distiguishable as a different weapon I fine with that.

To be honest I'm only so-so about the finished result here. I'm a bit out of practice so I'm not overly keen on the face painting (I also found the heads uber-fiddly to get filed to shape and stuck on) and it's been my first attempt at painting DPM. I suppose I feel they look un-spectacular which is what is grating me, which is sort of the point of camouflage at the end of the day I suppose. I'm sure they'll grow on me. And I REALLY need to sort out my photography!

I have to feel sorry for the lads here though. They see those adverts showing exciting times sweeping over trees in helicopters or crashing through countryside with tanks, join up to fight for their country and then they end up stuck in a farm house in Glen Coe fighting off werewolves, with the almost certain knowledge that if they make it back to civilisation there will prpbably be a zombie outbreak (psst. don't tell them, but there will be).

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