Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wolves and House - WIP

To continue the WIP run of the 28mm Dog Soldiers project I present the setting and protagonists.

Firstly the werewolves:

 The 4 outside mini's are from West Wind Productions "Secrets Of The Third Reich" range, with a central figure being from the recent Doctor Who micro universe line. These are finished except for basing, which I'll do at the same time as my squaddies.

I've also done the cottage, although it's only around 90% complete:

The interior doors still need to be painted, the window barricades (not pictured) need painted, the beds need made (sic) and perhaps the lounge area needs some furniture. The main structure of the house is a box file with foamcore internal walls. The floor coverings/cooker/fridge are WorldWorks. The kitchen table is from Frontline.


  1. Very nice indeed. That flooring looks better than real life stuff!


  2. Yup. Some of those World Works textures are the bees-knees. At some point I'll post my generic RPG tavern setting box room which is where the wooden flooring comes from.