Monday, 11 January 2010

Song Of Blades supplements arrive

Well, to be fair they arrived last week by email (thanks to Andrea for the hard work in getting them to me - warning to others: email accounts still fill up with rubbish during holiday times!) but it's taken until now to get them printed out (I can't stand reading documents onscreen). After introducing a nearby gamer (you know who you are, MacSver) to the rules last week and running through a basic game I though it was time to push the boat out a bit for future games.

Expanded terrain and environment rules in the form of "Song of Wind and Water" and Campaign building with "Song of Deeds and Glory". Can't give you any reviews as they still warm off the printer. I'll going to get all my books (already have the base "Song of Blades and Heroes" and "Song of Gold and Darkness")  spiral bound together, making sure all the race profiles from all the books are collected together at the back for ease of warband building.

All things being equal (and agreed upon) a wee campaign run will be in order.

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