Monday, 3 February 2014

More Forest Guardians

Another trio of the new renamed Everglade Guardians ready themselves for battle.

We have a female Elven archer (perhaps Chronopia?), Mage Knight Dryad repaint and an old Citadel\Marauder Wood Elf Archer. THe pair of archers have given me a bit of trouble with paint colours. Couldn't seem to get the male one just quite right and the exposed leg, quill and bow of the female making do something slightly different from the others to avoid too much light paint in one area.

I'm also still in a transition with my new light box I've purchased. it takes the direct shine off the mini's well, but I need to work on the light intensity to avoid too much altering the colour and light levels post shot. Work to do (as ever...)

EDIT:---- The female archer is from the Celtos range (Brigade Games)

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