Monday 27 January 2014

First Game of In Her Majesty's Name

A change of venue and change of game this weekend. MacSver endured the 5 minute downhill walk to my Hobby shed so that we could have a run through our first game of "In Her Majesty's Name". Being the first game it was quite pleasing that we managed to cobble together 2 painted warbands from published company lists, even if the back story of their meeting was a bit beyond us - Wild West Posse vs Tarzan gang in a very English looking churchyard. A mere detail that can be ignored for the moment. I did mean that we had the chance to test shooting and melee combat.

'Judge the "Rustling Gentleman" Reynold's Law Enforcement Posse'
approach the church grounds from the west.

The Earl of Greystoke's Entourage approaches from the East.
As a quick description of the system, the activation is by alternate individual figure. All movement is done first, then all the shooting is done and finally all the melee. This leads to some interesting tactical decisions like making sure you move into contact with a figure you want to fight before it move, otherwise it can move away. Similarly do you shoot the more powerful character who has already fired or shoot one that hasn't fired yet to minimize the bullets heading your way.

With bow and shotgun, Tarzan and Jane lead the Tribal Warriors

The cowboys progress steadily through the graveyard.
Like "Dead Man's Hand" firing and hitting is much more difficult if either or both parties are moving (in fact we had a few instances where the shot couldn't be made after the modifiers were tacked on). This certainly helped my spear carrying force. Any hits also have a save roll against the target's Pluck (Quality) roll, so the main leaders with a good Pluck rating can be hard to put down.

Lacking ranged weapons, Tarzan's crew had little
choice other than to charge towards the guns.

The last thing Gregory and the Doc had expected when they'd
got up this morning was to be fighting a lion!

As the battle went hand-to-hand only one thing was
certain - that grave wouldn't be empty for long!
By the end of the session we were getting the hang of things (although reading the rules again the next day there were things we missed as ever) , so it was nothing too complicated. The game was fun throughout and we both look forward to more in the future.


  1. He, He. Most enjoyable. Good scenery and photography. Back story; how about a Travelling Circus in the grounds of an English Manor House. factions fall out over billing rights? All round very enjoyable.

  2. Sounds good and look good. I'll have to give this game a go I have the rules just done nothing with them yet.

  3. Thanks, guys. It was fun. As ever part of the fun is the variety in figure types, looks and tactical make up. Looking forward to the next game.

  4. Looks like you had a splendid time :)
    You'll find that the rules become really quite intuitive after a couple of games. There are downloadable reference sheets and an up-to-date Errata on the blog, along with a heap of other stuff:

    1. Thanks for commenting, Craig. It's much appreciated. The rules were pretty fine at the end of the first game. I suspect we'll be on the roll within the first couple of phases next game. We'll just have to pour through the book before hand to see what we missed (I already think that we missed one handed guns being able to fire in melee??)