Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dead Man's Hand Terrain Board - Part 2

MacSver's work continues...

Stage 4

Now the base layer has fully dried, leaving a lovely rutted, grainy, surface, I next deployed my trusty sqeezy-tube of quick-drying filler and special applicator tool (a coffee stirrer) to molding the incongruous areas, such as the bases for the cacti, horse-hitches etc.

I added little lumps here and there, heaping in corners and sealing in the building bases - after all, the ground surface won't be all totally flat!

These raised areas were painted a mix of earth brown and umber wash. Once dry, out came the big (cheap!) brushes for dry-bushing the whole area with Dulux 'Cookie Cutter' and highlighted with Sand Shade light (Foundry Paints).

Stage 5 will be the key stage, where the pro-pigment weathering shaders will be applied, using white spirit and a lot of mixing and brushing. At this point the board should (fingers crossed) start to transform into that dusty, rutted terrain synonymous with Hollywood's version of Old West towns! To see where my project currently is, check out the start of the following video - and from 7:36 to see where I should be after the pigmentation process.


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    1. It is. I'm looking forward to seeing the next stage with the weathering pigments. I'm expecting MacSver to end up with a sudden artificial tan!