Thursday, 27 February 2014

Citadel Elf Boar Handler

Some more recruits for the Everglade Guardians.

First up an old Citadel Wood Elf Boar Herder and his 2 original boars. The plan is that he'll be a Beastmaster to boost the boars and any other animals (I have an eagle on the table at the moment).

Secondly we have a second Ral Partha Treeman from the 70's and a GamesWorkshop Aragon figure from their Lord Of The Rings range. He's been sitting around half finished for ages and at some point had a wash of Debian Mud. His face is a bit bland I feel from having been looked at on and off, but I'm quite happy with his grimy finish. The different sculpting style had put me off including him in the Guardian's pool, but it may help emphasis his different race.


  1. Those are the best boars ever!

    1. I'm not sure if you mean the painting or the sculpt, ha,ha. But I'll take any complement I can get, thanks.