Friday, 14 February 2014

Dead Man's Hand Terrain Board - Part 3

Over to MacSver again...

Dead Man's Hand Terrain Board project - stage 5

This is where I got to use the ProPigments weathering powders for the first time This entailed applying the dry powers directly to the board straight from the bottle using a soft brush, either singularly or as a mix. Initially, I only applied the mid-tones, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and Raw Sienna to allow a little practice and experimentation.

Once I was satisfied with the general application, I dappled White Spirit directly onto the board being careful not to move the pigments too much. This helps mix and bond the pigments - although I discovered using a wider brush to gently mix the pigments in the main street areas helped provide a more eroded effect. Disturbingly, when the White Spirit is first applied it turns the powders into a kind of dark stain effect - which had me anxiously checking reference material to see if I had done something wrong! Luckily this is quite normal and bares no relation to the effect when fully dried (pictures 1 & 2).

 I let the mid-tone application dry over-night, as the colours appear much lighter once fully dried. I then did a little adjusting of the mid-tones, then applied the highlights using Yellow Ochre and a little Mexico Yellow. Again, I let this dry over-night (picture 3).

The final picture (4), although not fully dry, is pretty much what I wanted to achieve and I'm very satisfied with the results. I'll give this another night to fully dry then onto the end stages.

The final stages will be the spray varnishing (Army Painter Dullcote) and then applying the vegetation.


  1. it seems to be an interesting technique !
    Excellent work !

  2. When I saw the first two pictures, I thought that it looked really awful and that you were about to completely ruin the great start. But seeing the last two it looks ace!

  3. Personally like the look in picture 3 - but agree with dhc the second two pictures are ace! Looking forward to seeing more of this series.

  4. I've yet to see this in person (but looking forward to it), but I know MacSver is happy with them, and reports he's well on with one or two of the other boards.