Tuesday 28 August 2012

Zombie Hunter Jess

1st mini uploaded to the WAMP Hasslefree Competition - Zombie Hunter Jess. Never near a winning entry, but had fun painting her up. Being a pseudo one off entry I had a wee play with trying a theme base, hence the zombie hand stretching out from behind.

The whole thing was a learning experence again. Having altered my "style" (if you can call it such) a while ago to a tabletop quality the step up to painting a single figure in a fine painting comp is quite daunting/depressing. Made a muck of the face, as feared. My paints were far too thick, and I learned that undiluted GW Flash Wash is WAY to dark! All the other blending skills, etc are lacking, with areas still painted in a blotchy highlighted fashion more akin bold to "arms length" viewing.

No good close up, but looks fine from afar. I'd rate this whole thing as educational, fun and the end result I'm looking forward to putting her on the table for a game. So success.

I'm continuing on with a second mini (deadline still towards the end of September) to hopefully put into practice some of things I've learned on Jess...

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