Saturday, 18 August 2012

Space Marine Reinforcements

Well with the hobby shed now committed to a Space Marine army I did what any frugal father would do and hit ebay. Managed to back a wee bargain for £36 all told:

1 x Spacemarine captain
1 x Spacemarine standard bearer
1 x Techmarine with power axe
1 x Spacemarine rhino
1 x Spacemarine bike
1 x Spacemarine land-speeder
3 x Spacemarine tactical squad
1 x Spacemarine devastator squad
1 x Spacemarine terminator squad
1 x Spacemarine commander (Master of the Ultramarines, Marneus Calgar)

by my rough calculations when combined with what we already have  this takes the point count well over 2000 pts (albeit very infantry heavy). I'm pretty sure that we'll be advised about the necessity of buying in some armour but we'll see. I've still to fully go through the box they came in and get all the arms back on the torsos. The figures would appear to be around mid 90's - especially as it came with a 2nd Ed Ultramarine Codex (which makes nice reading with the old mini's!)

Don't hold you're breath for them getting all painted mind you...


  1. If you're going to be using them with the new edition, I've heard that vehicles have become less prominent, so you might be able to get away without stocking up on tanks.

    You got a bargain there, and no mistake. I've been putting together an Eldar army made up of first and second edition miniatures, all from eBay, and I've figured out that if I were buying it all new, I'd have spent double what I have.

  2. I'll have to consult the 6th Ed tome to see. I hadn't looked at the vehicle rules so far as I don't really have any (bar rhinos). I'll just have to make sure I/we play more scenario based games, as in other games they can turn the tables on armies that wipe the board in annihilation games.

    I'm surprised that you've saved so much with 1st & 2nd Ed. I had started with Rogue Trader era marines, but the individual prices rose to high once you can away from the basic RTB01 plastics. Good job!

  3. Great bargain, especially with the dev and term squads as they are a hefty chunk of cha-ching now. You could probably convert one of the tactical squads into an assault squad pretty easily too.

  4. Technically conversion should be too difficult. As far as I can see I'd need to add some chain swords and jump packs. The chain swords are cheap enough on Ebay, but for the price of the jump packs added it may be cheaper to get a second hand squad. I could do away with the jump packs and just use a Rhino, but that seems to miss the point a bit. I have ideas to give the tactical squad sergeants homing beakons and have Terminators teleport in (Grey Knight Allies). We'll see...