Monday, 20 September 2010

Lord of the Ring-scape

This weekend Arabiansquire and I pulled out the boxes of Heroscape terrain and, using my collection of Lord Of The Rings Hex battle figures, played out a battle. I have a load of Heroscape cards for this line of figures that someone had made up and I bought on ebay, but these are available for free download on Boardgamegeek now-a-days.


The battle ground was one downloaded from the many at, this particular one requiring 2 "Rise of..." base sets and a single Forgotten Forest set. We both picked out forces with totalled around 550pts (the unit points are slightly higher on these home-brew cards than the usual official heroscape cards). Arabiansquire chose to play the dark forces of Mordor, with some Nazgul, Lurtz, Grima Wormtongue, Grishnakh, and a unit of Moria Goblins. I had an Aragon and Arwen lead force with Elven Spearmen, Rangers of The North and Oathbreakers. The scenario was meant to be a battle for the central bridge, but as there wasn't any time/turn limit put on the game it just ended up as a square battle.

The first couple of rounds saw forces head towards the bridge, with the oathbreakers flanking round the side and Arwen taking up position next to the body of water, hoping to use her water wave special ability to pick off any foe attempting to cut accorss the water.

The Rangers took up position above the water to cut off any flanking forces and also get shots at any enemy crossing the bridge. The flat formation was so that they could use their special volley attack if required. Early action saw Grishnakh charge across the bridge whilst the goblins flanked round, but Aragon intercepted the Orc hero, allowing the Rangers to cut down the goblins from their superior postion.

The Elven spearmen came up to support Aragon, who dropped back to boost the Rangers attack, and between them and the Rangers Grishnakh was killed. Wormtongue came up to the other side of the river to convince one of the rangers to attack Aragon, but the attack failed and Grima was cut down for his efforts. The flanking Oathbreaker numbers were however being gradually whittled down by Lurtz's bow.

The elven spearmen charged across the bridge to stop the approaching Nazgul.

The Nazgul proved too strong for them though and charged over the bridge, but wounded from their battle with the spearmen (and a couple of Ranger volleys) they were stopped at the other side by Aragon and Arwen, leaving only the unhurt Lurtz to contest the good foothold on the bridge.

However Aragon's battles had only left him with a couple of wounds left, so Arwen took to the bridge to do battle, but before Aragon could support her with healing the elf was cut down, with Aragon quickly following. The arrow attacks from the rangers proved ineffective against the powerful Uruk-Hai and after a few rounds of cat-and-mouse manouvering Lurtz proved victorious with a mighty roar.

Lurtz cleans up.


  1. looks like great fun. i'm going to have to try and pick up some heroscape stuff on the cheap.

  2. I can recommend it, Tristan. I can honestly say that I've never not enjoyed a game of Heroscape. Move onto the "advanced" rules as quick as you can, though, as the special abilities really make the difference.

    Should be able to pick it up quite reasonably from ebay I'd think.