Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Clothes maketh the man (or woman!)

As previously posted my RPG group have finished a significant episode in their campaign. They have also reached the stage where their career options are more varied (ironically due to the restrictions in career advancement on their current paths) and a couple of them are changing direction slightly. Geddi the dwarf, currently a Judicial Champion, has decided to become a witch hunter - a decision which is story based so is perfectly natural. Grendel, the thief/cleric has decided to become an assassin, which quite frankly is no surprise at all! Heinrich is becoming a more experienced mercenary, going down the sergeant and captain line and Max, well, has his life in front of him, having only just recently joined the party.

As we are having a break for Warhammer this also gives me time to consider changing the miniatures the players are using for ones more akin with their development. This is all of course just a thought at the moment. If the players identify with their figure as their character and don't want to change that is fine (& cheaper!) for me. But as a "good" gamer, it never does any harm to look, does it???

As a quick and easy starter I've just gone to the Reaper website and used their useful "Figure Finder" app to pull up some ideas:

Dwarven Witchfinder:
Human Female Assassin:
Mercenary Sergeant/Captain:
Human Ranger:

All pictures are from the Reaper Mini site (used without permission but with due acknowledgement and admiration)

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