Wednesday, 15 September 2010

All Things Zombie - lesson 2

With Halo*Star visiting last weekend I took the opportunity to continue the All Things Zombie learning.

Setup after players first move. Viewing from the south-western corner.

Similar to last session, all 3 players (Arabiansquire was also playing) had a group of 3 figures - a Rep5 star and 2 rep 4 grunts armed with guns .I won't bother with exact details - suffice to say they were all target 3 impact 1 apart from one cop who had a bolt action rifle (target 1, impact 3). Again we set up an urban encounter to maximise zombie encounters and building searching - the only way to learn after all. The progress was pretty slow, as there were quite a few occassions for looking up rules again, although it was faster towards the end.

The civilians head into the office (right)
to escape the zombie crush, whilst zombies
gather to block off the cops.
A tense standoff with another
armed group of civilians.

This session ran with a better mix of action. Halo*star's civilian's entered from the east and managed to evade a group of zombies early on through a building before dashing across the road to a block of flats where they encountered no-one (ground floor) humans who didn't join them (1st floor) and humans who did join them, but only for that session (2nd Floor).

The mafia search a warehouse.
Arabiansquire's mafia types entered from the north and searched through a couple of warehouses before blasting some zombies in the street and then dashing into a garage to hide and search.

The cops bolt out the back door to
hide from the horde out front
My cops came in from the south-west corner and spent most the time trying to blast and run themselves clear of the hordes of zombies generated at the start - coming in at a corner and rolling for 17 zombies tends to group them together!! Everything was running pretty smoothly, with the odd compliction of zombies not going down, but the main talking/fun point was one that definately only happens in a TwoHour Wargame game.

The cops quietly hide round the
corner...until the mafia appear at
the other end of the street.

My cops had just managed to clear a corridor and away from the edges of the board before a zombie horde came round the corner. The zombies were travelling to the last guns shots fired, crucially close to but away from the cops, so staying quite was the order of the day. Next Arabiansquires mafia appear out of a building at the other end of the street, causing a grunt cop to open fire with his bolt action rifle after a reaction test. The mafia leader was hit- Out Of Fight whilst the rest ducked back under the received fire reactions.

The cops get swapped as the
zombie tide turns.

The brief firefight alert the passing zombies to the cops presence and two of them went down with bites in the melee.
So much for staying quiet! The irony of this all happening because the cops PASSED his reaction rolls wasn't lost!
Next time we'll try a more focused scenario and add in some character attributes.

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