Friday, 6 May 2016

Servants of Ra Characters

The 3 main characters from the Ih Her Majesty's Name "Servants of Ra" box set. Unashamedly I've been heavily influenced by the "official" pictures, painted by Kevin Dallimore, albeit with a slight colour tweek here and there.

I wanted the skin tone of the central figure, Akhenaton - risen Pharaoh, to be a bit darker than on the box. Of course that means that I was unpracticed in these tones, but I've managed to get at least a bit of face shading in.

I was also keen for the coat of Professor Abir not be just a plain texture. Fortunately the pictures on the box are very good, so I was able to examine and roughly guess when Mr. Dallimore had done to get his effect and I had a bash at copying it. I'm pretty pleased - especially at the wargame standard arms length distance of inspection.

From the box set I only have the Mummy figure left, but I have rustled up an additional few to hold in reserve,  so they will all be done at the same time for consistency.


  1. I love these figs. Great paint jobs especially the Professor's coat!

    1. Cheers Gordon. The pattern breaks up what looked a pretty plain figure.