Friday, 13 May 2016

Steam Powered Sawmill Finished

Finished my Steam Saw mill. It is intended to add to my Dead Man's Hand scenery (which is of a more industrial mining town theme rather than the traditional town) but will easily fit into other games (Victorian or Horror I suspect).

The main building is a Stables kit from Warbases with the stalls left off.  I like my buildings to have more than one point of entry\exit if possible, so I cut a side doorway. I also left the back roof section loose for access, adding a tab of scrap mdf to stop it sliding off. The roof is corrugated card from Hobbycraft.

The steam powered sawmill equipment is a resin kit from Frontline Wargaming. They unfortunately forgot to pack the funnel, so I've had to improvise with a straw.

I've used small animal gnawing sticks from a local pet store for the log piles (they are nice and straight). Much to the bemusement of my wife I've had to paint them to look like wood!

I think I need a pile of planks as well as logs, but I have plans to do a load of ladders with wood stirrers and will do it at that time.


  1. Looks great. And ain't that weird - painting wood to look like wood. Same with me. I tried burnishing a lead minis sword blade to polished metal. Still had to paint it though. Just not 'right'. Weird.
    Likewise sand for sandy bases. Use sand. Looks like sand. Gotta paint it though.

    1. Truth. As for swords, Years ago I saw tutorial about filing off the primer on swords to reveil the metal underneath. Can't remember if I tried it at the time.