Wednesday, 20 May 2015

IHMN - Monster Hunting AAR

A man made monster is prowling the foggy wilderness, attacking unsuspecting victims. A reward has been put on his head and the parties are out to collect.

Straight from the "In Her Majesty's Name" rulebook MacSver and I played the "Bad Jack" scenario. As he has no ranged attack we thought it only gentlemanly to include the "Pea Soup" fog rule.

With the fog not too bad in the first turn Lord Curr et al. moved towards the center. The monster, under random movement, headed towards they positions.

Victoria's Palace Guard were left trailing.

With the fog changing to 10", Lord Curr ordered his charges to move into line of sight of the monster but out of his clutches (his movement was a lumbering 8"), with view to taking him down with a volley fire action. But after the smoke cleared he was still standing.

Lord Curr's squad back peddled to try and get a second shot in, but the Monster lurged forward and made contact with the nearest hunter.

Victoria's Company had now by reached the centre of the table and were moving through (or taking up position in) the ruins. The fog was such though they could only blindly move towards the growls and roars.

Lord Curr's Incorrigibles managed to shake himself free of the clutches of the Monster, and  Lord Curr sent in his trusty hound, Dakota to attack. A frightening melee of hammer fists and snarling teeth then ensued and for the moment all was at a stalemate.

Whilst this crucial battle went on the Incorrigibles pushed up to keep The Palace Guard at bay.

With their quarry in sight, the Guards made contact, as they had to no choice. One guard moved forward to engage in hand-to-hand, whilst Sergeant Blake spotted an inviting grouping around Lord Curr himself and tossed an explosive grenade. Lord Curr could only look down as the grenade rolled to his feet, but the fuse fizzled and went out before it could properly burn down and explode. A second grenadier hruled a grenade at a brace of Incorrigibles, but with the same out come. Sergeant Blake made a mental note to have words with the Quartermaster when he got back to barracks!

Elsewhere though they were having better results. Captain Paton had thought that one of the foe were getting a bit to close to Her Royal Majesty, so with the aid of Mr. Bridges the Royal Butler took him out with a swift chop of his trusty sabre.

Meanwhile an Incorrigible had managed to overcome the terrifying sight of the Monster in full rage and joined Dakota in the attack.

A blast of pellets whizzing past his head alerted Lord Curr to a gap in the thin red line, with Victoria and her smoking shotgun on the other side. Accompanied by Captain Percival Smyth, he charged forward towards the exposed Empress. Captain Paton once again intercepted, and with a flash of steel his opposite number was taken out.

Meanwhile the monster was still up and fighting. He managed to fend off another combined attack from Dakota et al and with a club like strike took the pooch out of the fight and staggered off into the fog again, leaving a shocked human in his wake. With the main target gone, the different companies broke and retreated, Victoria the happier with a marginal victory.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bob. In Her Majesty's Name is so well themed it's fun to play and write up (even if it takes me a week sometimes!)

  2. Great stuff Sam. Loved it. What an awesome powerhouse the Monster was. You;re sorely tempting me to pick up a copy of these rules as I love the random element to this scenario with Frankenstein stomping all over the place through the fog. Wonderful stuff and many thanks for spending a week putting this together for posting. its much appreciated :-)

    1. Thanks, Blaxk'. As ever I think the ability to add a fun theme helps so much here. Also, to be honest, it took me a week to GET ROUND to getting the report up, although I appreciate you having the image of me slaving away over the keyboard for 7 days :)

  3. Nice bat rep, and cool Dave Graffam buildings :) Glad to see that the British royal doing some real job.

    1. Thanks, Cedric. When you know what they say, "When One want something done properly...." (not that she managed!)

  4. Looks and sounds like a really fun game. I built some of those Graffam ruin models too. It was only afterwards I realised bulking up the wall width/thickness would have made a more convincing finish like yours. Damn hindsight...

    1. I have played about a bit with the ruin kits for 15mm as well and couldn't make my mind up if the double printed card was OK at that scale. As you say though, probably better with a bit of thicker card in the middle (damn fiddle to cut out though!)