Monday 15 December 2014

SoBH Campaign 4 - Battle 9

Scenario - Heist

The scenario was simple. The First Law had hired a thief to steal something special. The Everglade Guardians were on her trail to get the loot back, so she'd gone to ground in one of six locations on the table. The Elves were to search the locations (a 12 on 2d6 found her, with extra bonus' the more locations searched), whilst avoiding the attentions of The First Law.

The First Law:
  • Bayaz, (Warband Leader) First of the Magi, 120pts Q2+, C3 Special Rules: Leader, Magic User, Traps
    Item: Armband of Protection
  • Black Dow (Warrior) 30pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Fearless, Dogged
  • Forley the Weakest, (Archer) 44pts Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Shooter (Long)
  • Rudd Threetrees (Warrior), 46 Pts,Q3+ C4 Special Rules: Steadfast
  • Red-Hat (Warrior) 36pts Q3+ C3 Special Rules: Scout
  • Scenario Replacement for Curnden Craw:
       Grendel (Thief) Q3+, C2, Acrobat, Stealth, Opportunistic,
Everglade Forest Guardians:
  • Galan (Wood Elf Leader) 108pts Q2+,C3 Special Rules: Forester,Leader,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage, Acrobat
    Item: Charmstone x 1
  • Folmon (Wood Elf Warrior) 42pts Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Steadfast
  • Anlyth (Wood Elf Warrior) Q3+; C3 Special Rules: Forester, Acrobat, Steadfast
  • Rusgon (Wood Elf Warrior) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester
  • Thonor (Dryad) Q3+, C2 Special Rules Forester, Distract, Free Disengage, Steadfast
  • Tatharon (Wood Elf Archer) Q4+, C3 Special Rules Forester,Shooter: Long, Free Disengage, Acrobat
  • Galadthel (Elite Wood Elf Archer) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester,Shooter: Long, Unerring Aim, Stealth
  • Lavathor (Wood Elf Beastmaster) Q3+, C3 Special Rules: Forester, Beastmaster
  • Squeal (Wild Boar) Q4+, C2 Special Rules: Animal, Forester, Long Move

The Elves activated first. Galan sent Anlyth quickly forward to the nearest house to search before Bayaz et al arrived. He immediately searched and found Grendal the Thief. No-one could believe it!

Galan excitedly ordered his warband to rush forward and block the theif's escape, but turned over after only a couple of warriors had moved.

Hearing the shouts, Bayaz ordered his remaining warriors to rush and assist.

Forced with a choice of "fight or flight" Grendel typically chose to have a go. Unfortunately the experience of the Elf was greater and she was knocked to the ground,

where Anlyth finished her off.

And just in time too, as The First Law steamed into the house courtyard.

But the Everglade Guardians had arrived en-mass at the same time as Anlyth managed to skip out the building.

Having had enough of the elves in recent weeks, Black Dow charged into Anlyth and gruesomely cut him down. All the elves held their ground though, except Galan who nearly fled from the scene.

RedHat pursued the seperated Elven leader, but could not gain an advantage. Folmon and Lavathor rushed to their leaders aid and RedHat was overcome by the numbers.

Meanwhile Black Dow was a flurry of action, beating off attack after attack from his foes.

Rudd Three trees came in to help

But a carefully aimed arrow from Galadthel took the brave human out of the fight.

A call from Bayaz pointed out that Galan had once again become alone on the battlefield, and with Rudd Threetrees he engaged the Guardian's leader pushing him down to the ground.

Out in the field the archers were going at it hand to hand. Neither seemed to have the upper hand.

Meanwhile support had once again arrived to save Galan's skin.

A cheer rang out from the open field as Forley bettered his counterpart.

The joy was short lived though as Threetrees fell to the elven rescue force.

There was a feeling that the end was near. A feeling strengthed as Galadthel loosed another dealy aimed shot and killed the triumphant Forley.

Alone now Bayaz swung away in a Hatred fueled frenzy, but the against wave of elven blades from all sdies he had no chance.

Battle Outcome: Everglade Guardian's Win.


  1. Looks like a great game! Thanks for sharing!

    I find it especially nice to see so many different miniatures from so many different manufacturers all mixing it up together! SoBH FTW!