Monday, 22 December 2014

Scooby Gang vs The Zombie Lord

After the fun of our previous game of Faith and Fear, the Scooby gang were sent out on another mission.
The Zombie Lord was infecting the local water supply by pouring his zombie poison down an old natural well. The Scooby Gang had to destroy the barrel.

Zombies may slow to react (activating on an unboostable 4+), but they are hard to kill. Only d6 roll of  "6" with a heavy weapon or an aimed shot would be enough to take out one of the Undead. An aimed shot at a fallen Zed would also be an auto-kill.

The gang approached from the side that seemed lightest in numbers. Freddy took careful aim and executed a perfect shot to take out a fat zombie on the periphery. "He's armless" quipped Freddy, the rest of the gang rolled their eyes. Maybe this wasn't going to be too difficult to clear out after all.

Only 2 zombies reacted to the shot and started to move towards the gang.

Confidence boosted by Freddy's shot and the lack of undead movement, Shaggy, Velma, and Daphne dashed in to clear out some more undead.

The going was harder though with the stench on rotting in their nostrils. Velma only managed to knockdown her zombie, but worst her chainsaw cut out and would not restart, leaving her weaponless. Shaggy looked on in horror, not noticing another zed coming up behind him.

Now the zombies were starting to react. Shaggy manged to knock down his initial target at the second time of asking and duck a swipe from the zed behind him, joining Daphne to shield Velma as she raced into the woods to try and find a hefty branch to use as a club.

However, the Zombie Lord threw a well aimed rock at Shaggy, knocking him to the ground. A surprisingly sprightly Zombie Cheerleader then bounced over and ripped out his jugular. Shaggy was gone!

Numbers were now heading the way of the gang, and with Shaggy dead Freddy called out for everyone to make a dash rounf the flank and try again from the other side, hoping the zombies would not get over their in numbers. Velma had been unsuccessful in finding a good bit of timber, so Daphne had donated her pistol. "Why did you not use this earlier?" asked the exasperated Velma. Daphne blankly shrugged and replied "I forgot I had it!".

Meanwhile the Zombie Lord approached Shaggy's still warm corpse and muttered a magical incantation and raised Shaggy as one of his undead minions.

The gang had reached the far corner by now, and although the numbers were a lot thinner their entrance was barred by 3 zombies.

Daphne and Scooby raced in open up the weakest part of the barrier - the children.

Spotting the danger the Zombie Lord shouted out a command and a Zombie picked up the barrel and carried it further away from the unwanted attention.

Meanwhile the child zombies were proving to be harder to shift than expected. The undead masses were again closing in.

Time was running out now, so Scooby and Daphne pushed past to run round again and attack from a less populated angle.

Freddy also bobbed and weaved round to flailing arms to try and assist. Daphne moved through the trees to within striking distance.

Velma, however, had a complete fumble and killed, unable to fend off the grasps and gnashing teeth.

The barrel carrying zombie dropped his burden and engaged Daphne hampering her progress to the target.

Freddy was also engaged by one of the children, making his run to help more difficult.

The cheerleader Zed then picked up barrel to move it further out of reach.

With Zombie numbers not really thinning out and mounting casualties the remaining gang had no choice but to retreat.


  1. I've always been impressed with the Scooby gang models, but never seen a batrep. This, and your previous one, were great fun. Thanks for posting.

  2. Cool! That looked like fun dude!

  3. Brilliant - great pics and narrative.

  4. I've just read this batrep (better late than never!) I'm now going to order those Scooby minis, thank you!