Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Old School 40k Razorback - Finished

Finished the Old MKI Ultra Marine Razorback. As my Ultra's are all smooth clean blue I resisted the urge to weather the armour. I've also kept the surface free from any visual clutter, which again fits in with the Super Blue "theme".

There obviosuly short comings with the model (aside from my painting!). Being a cheap second hand buy there is always some compromise between condition and cost. Here I only had one side hatch for the gunner, so left it off and one of the exhausts is missing. The side rails were in poor condition so again were pulled off and a common problem with these old rhino kits always seems to be how well the sides are attached.

All these I knew before parting with my cash, so I'm obviously not too bothered. Quite happy with the end result.

As a footnote, the armour is sprayed with Army Painters Ultramarine Blue. The GW old paint for Ultramarines (Mordian Blue?) is a good bit darker. If anyone has a comparison with the new range equivalent, Macragge Blue, it would be very useful.


  1. Looks fantastic, and may I say I am pleased to see another Ultramarine unit in the world ;)

  2. It came up ok,try soaking the older models in metho to remove the paint and soften the glue or put it in the freezer and give it a rinse under hot water, rinse and repeat. This will help the plastic separate and you can unpick the model and to a total rebuild. The metal parts can be frozen and have boiling water poured over them to split them up for cleaning.

    If you really want the side hatch you will need to look at the bits (Bitz) lots on Evil Buy, one will eventually turn up with a ton of stuff you may on may not need.

    Nice to see an old model back on the table.

  3. Hey pal, I may have an old mk1 rhino exhaust.. If it comes to light I will sort you out.

  4. Tristan: if that happens that would be fantastic. The offer is very much appreciated either way.

    Thylacine: I'll see how good/bad the others ones are when I come to paint them. If they could do with some re-construction I'll try one of your methods. Thanks for the advice