Friday, 11 January 2013

Pendraken Painting Competition 2013

One of those "That time of year" events, the Pendraken Painting Competition, is upon us again. Last year I used it as a springboard to get some adventurers and some Ratmen painted. Clearly using such events as motivation is a good thing, as I 've hardly touched a 10mm scale figure/item since (although I did finish the dungeon extension eventually).

As ever these things have a habit to being timely. I am just planning out a new "Projects" page for the blog to help myself keep on track with current projects in working (or at least that’s the idea). I have a notion later in the year to try a dungeon crawl using my 10mm set, of course, and the Ganesha Games RPG "Tales of Song and Blades".  This competition should hopefully put a few more painted figures in the reckoning.

Watch this space for updates - probably around the 27th Feb!!

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