Monday, 21 January 2013

Last of the Barbarians

Finished off the final few figures in my "Song of Blades..." warband:

The three foot soldiers are more old Grenadier sculpts via EM4 Miniatures. The horseman is one of group of Games Workshop Chaos Marauders on what looks like a Bretonian Knight stead. As usual, more for my own future benefit, the Horse clothing is painted in Miniature Paints Leather, brushed over in GW Bronzed flesh and washed in diluted Vallejo Sepia.

And to be complete, here is the "family shot" of the Barbarian Tribe.


  1. These look absolutely fantastic Sam you should be very proud of them. Are they based on washers? The flesh tones are the best bit.

  2. Cheers, Tristan. They are based on 2 pence coins. And muscles are what Barbarians are all about ;-)