Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Barbarians & Elementals

Been busy painting to get my starting "Song of Blades..." warband ready for the first session (with a couple of reserves) of the new campaign.

The main force, a Leader (from Alternative Armies) and Heroquest Hero and 2 Grenadier Archers. I also touched up the flesh painting  on the Alternative Armies axeman (with his dubious pose!)

Also ready to go for Session 1 is my mysterious 80's GW Elementalist, Ooko, with a Water (80's GW) and a Fire (Reaper) elemental.

And finally the picture of the starting line-up for the campaign (additional Barbarian at the back is Alternative Armies).


  1. They look fantastic my friend. You do some great paint work and your war bands are always sweet looking!a

  2. Cheers for that. Hopefully they won't just end up "good looking corpses".

  3. Love those barbarians in particular - especially the Heroquest chap. He fits right in with the others.

  4. Thanks again.

    @ Thantsants: Well it wouldn't be right to have a group of Barbarians and not include the Heroquest one! :-)