Wednesday 17 October 2012

Quick Colour for a Mantic Marauder (Ork)

Back in March I'd picked up the Mantic Warpath Starter Box. It had occured to me to try and put together a simple Space Ork Army to battle Arabainsquire's new Space Marine interest, and I followed up in the simmer with a purchase of the Marauder Army box. Now I hate assembling figures and when it's sprue upon sprue of similar figure it's worse than watching  paint dry (although I do quite enjoy painting so it may not be a fair comment!). I also hate hate fielding unpainted figures. I'm not getting any younger and I find flat unpainted or primer covered figure just look like dull blobs on the table. So I thought I'd take one of the few completely assembles Orks and give one a proof of concept ultra quick splash of paint.

One advantage with this process with Orks is that they are meant to be a mess. Even the best painted Ork armies look all over the place, so a rough and ready covering of pigment should be passable until I feel the need to tidy them up. That's the theory anyway!

This is how I got on:
Assembled and bare

Primed with Humbrol Dark Brown Acrylic Spray
(as a note very close to Miniature Paints
Earth Brown for touch-up )

Very quick paint - goblin green for skin,
gun bolt metal for metal, black belt.
Rough a a badgers @r$£.

Liberally washed in Vallejo Sepia.
Hmm, neat sepia was a bit too strong, so...

Quickly blob of goblin green again and dry-brush
the metal with chainmail.

The most important shot: How it looks on table.

Well that does the job I think - Dirty, armoured and green skinned. Obviously there is room for improvement even its was only teeth and eyes, those are getting into the territory of detail. The end point above leaves room for tidying up, detailing or adding more colour in the future whilst gives the general image of the figure from a playing distance. I'll be repeating the process with the others. If only them went together as quickly as this painted up!


  1. I haven't really seen much of these Mantic Orcs - he's not a bad mini really.

    Good quick and serviceable paint job - that Vallejo sepia is great!

  2. The mini's are not too bad. The only downside of them is the lack of weapon options, but they are set up for Warpath rules I suppose.

    As you say the paintjob as does its job as servicable - and Sepia is indeed great.