Sunday, 7 October 2012

Song Of Blades and Battlegrounds

tI was meant to be a session at the local gaming club, Livingston Battleground, to sort out a couple of new scenarios, but in the end my SoBH campaign buddy, MacSver, and I ended up in a multiplayer battle. Fortunately we'd brought extra models along (almost in anticipation) so by the end of the morning we had 2 Dwarven warbands, Lizardmen, Humans and late arriving Orks. Much enjoyment and hilarity was had. There isn't much fantasy gaming done at the club, so hopefully this ease to play and small model count and the fun will have it adopted by more members.

What can only be called a grudge match breaks out
the Dwarves.
Human's knock down the Big Lizard
The Lizardmen rejoicing was cut short as Orks
burst from the trees on the other side of the road.
One of the Dwarf leaders, alone, battles it out
against overwhelming odds.
Having dispatched his Kindred Foe, the mounted leader
hurtles up the table to continue battle (killing the
Lizard leader!)

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