Friday, 27 July 2012

Boxfile Spaceship Module 3 complete

Lorks-a-lordy, here's a sight more unexpected than the flag the North Korean Olympic Women's football team ran out to. After a brief hiatus of only 2 years the third module of my Boxfile Spaceship project gets wheeled out. To those of you who have not shared my trip on the blogisphere that long this is part of my Lunchtime Project series (hobby work I do in my lunch break funnily enough). The first two sections were a central accommodation section and a cargo/loading bay section. Here we have engineering:

Pretty much a shell filled with large pieces of equipment to create a cramped environment. I'm sure the majority of you can recognise that I've looted some old computers for heatsinks, fans, etc. No doors have been added as they are going to be flexible between the various sections. As a note I'm going to ditch the magnetic door on washer idea as seen at the end of the  section 2 post as it's a bit ugly when the door isn't there. I hope to develop a way of incorporating the doors into a clipping system to hold the boxes in place as well.

The next section is planned to include the control deck. I'll try and take some WIP pictures by way of a "how-to" article.


  1. I do very much like the idea of PC parts as terrain. I can see with a bit of dry brushing they would really look great. I also have a ton of PC parts to play with. Just think of ram chip as a wall section.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  2. I really love this boxfile series of terrain. I wanna see more! and I wish I could get boxfiles.

  3. Cheers, Tristan. Hopefully you WILL see more ;-)

    Wesley: Looking at the pictures again probably a drybrush or two would be an idea. I did have a couple of ram chips to wall mount or use as low "walls", but they looked a bit too much like ram chips in the end (even spray painted!)

  4. What a great idea. I'm late to this project but I'll certainly look up the others.