Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Practice in Nostalgia

Over the last few weeks I had more than the odd occasion where I've found myself taking a sharp intake of breath and going all glassy eyed in front of a set of shelves full of Airfix models. Fortunately the Arabian Queen has been around to give me one of those patient looks to remind me I have more than enough in the hobby shed already.

So after another plastic kit induced heart flutter at the end of this week I decided it was time to start one from the shed. It must be around 26 years since my last kit (at the tender age of around 14 I suspect), and with quite a few vehicles bought waiting for the WWII project I thought it best to revisit some of the old skills  and tools needed.

I'd "started" (ie painted the cockpit) of a Revell 1:72 RAF P-51 Mustang III (kit code 04167) a few years ago, so could launch straight in.

Early impressions? Well the set plastic was much thinner (with more flash) than I remembered, but the assembly was simpler and better fitting than several kits I had as a lad. Also I'd bought some glue (Revell Universal Liquid glue Contacta Special) on a naive assumption that if it had a brush it was good old liquid poly. This stuff is more the old glue from the tube I remember, but with a brush. So thicker than expected with a bit of stringing if you're not careful. Might make an effort to look out some thinner liquid poly  before embarking on my panzers!

End of first session


  1. There's nothing like a Mustang... such a great aircraft design.

    It's like one of the 'muscle cars' of aircraft.

  2. I was at an airshow a few years ago where there was a P 51 on display. It flew past the crowd at full throttle, one of the best noises I've heard and the plane was pushed to one of my top favourites from then on. I actually bought another P51 kit that day, but of the more "classic" silver skinned American shape.