Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Plan

"Please play with us"

Usually at this time of year we bloggers delve into "Six month review" mode. Well as you can tell from the post count it's been a pretty quite hobby time over the last couple of months. Generally to busy or too tired to do any. But of course that doesn't stop me constantly thinking my beloved pastime. I (like the majority of you I suspect) spend a lot of time thinking about gaming and all the fun and frustrations that can go along with it.

One of the frustrations has been that the starting dates of some of my planned projects never see to get any closer, and some are just left stagnant never being played but cluttering up my hobby shed and my (limited) mental space as well.I gaze longingly at my WWII figure boxes, Dr Who figures and Victorian Sci-fi gathering dust, just waiting to be picked up, painted and played with. (The Crooked Dice newsletter doesn't help either)

So I've decided to focus and cut down. I have 3 Sci-fi armies in progress at the moment (Warmachine Cygnar and Urban War Vasa & Viridian). I want to get these painted and finished first. And sort out my "future skirmish" terrain. This will draw a temporary line under my sci-fi projects (My Mantic Orc Marauders, Forgefather Dwarves and Space Marines will have to wait!). I can then take stock on what next after that. Other games have left in the clearout, numbers of unpained gladiators, Aeronef, and superheroes (and others) have all gone on loving homes. We at Wee Blokes never want to see a healthy game put down (just to nick the slogan of a certain dog charity).

My main "dream sequence" projects are Doctor Who/7TV, WWII and probably Zombies. On the plus side I have most the figures/etc ready and waiting (although WWII being a different scale requires alot more work). But I'll address that at the time. Manageable chunks, achievable goals and all that.

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