Sunday, 2 October 2011

Arabian Squires, Knights and Bishops

Arabiansquire has recently discovered Chess (via a class mate and a chess set in a holiday cottage we were in a couple of weeks ago). I'm not going to get into the whole "chess isn't a wargame, it's an abstract boardgame" arguement because, quite frankly I don't care! Most of the time board games don't make it into this blog (with one or two exceptions) but this time it's comes with a bit more geek attatched. Once home his interest finally gave me reason to break out my Star Wars Saga edition chess set I was given one year "A long time ago in a another house far, far away...." if I may paraphrase for a second.

Whilst a bit confusng at times (the chess symbols are on the figure bases) it does bring a bit more "cool" of sorts to keep interests up...

The forces of Good.

The Dark Side of the board


  1. Nothing wrong with chess its a good game!

    Nice set btw

  2. What's the combat value of Darth Vader? hope he's not the Queen......

  3. Vader is indeed a Queen (as is Obi Wan) beneath the Emperor and Yoda respectively.