Sunday, 16 October 2011

Monsterous Fun

The giant spider shoots a web round Electotron
With the start of the October break for schools upon us, Arabiansquire and I headed to our ocal club for a game of oemthing, this Saturday. As it was his holiday break, I let th small lad choose any game he wanted (I usually at least get a guiding opinion in) and he picked out a game we've not played in ages - a previous favourite Monster Island.
Another monster falls foul of the web.

Over the last few years I've collected up a variety of 6" plastic toy figures to battle with, so we press ganged our local Press Ganger Alan into a game and battled away. Top fun, and Alan thought it captured the feel of the old monster movies well. (Electrotron was the last monster standing by the way)
Electroton looks on as the entangles Stegataur is grappled
his arachnid foe.

As a related aside I've just noticed that all the rule pdf's are available for a paltry $1.99 (with support material only $0.99). I'll have to complete my own ruleset at that price, but I would heartily recommend at least picking up the core rules!

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  1. I Love Kaiju action! Its how I got the Lad stated in wargaming :-)