Friday 28 October 2011

Harlequin Completed

Well that's one off the table - the well traveled Harlequin that I was painting for Tristan (from GWpertinent), who is assembling a squad all painted by different folk around the globe. As alluded to in a previous teaser I took inspiration for my colour scheme from my favourite football ("soccer") team, Dundee United FC as Tristan is such a big Chelsea FC fan - but the football chat stops here.

After a good bit of humming and hawing I chickened out of trying a diamond pattern on the trousers and tried an orange-to-white graduation instead. I hope Tristan likes it - it'll be in the post very soon!


  1. He looks great dude! the graduation totally works - I think the shirt being plain white helps to balance it.

    Cheers amigo!! I am looking forward to getting a chance to finish your goliath type dude - I have a cool idea for him :) Fingers crossed it works!

  2. Great work mate - very nice!

    Gotta get my finger out and get mine done for Tristan now!

  3. Tristan: Glad you like it. I should have it in the post the start of next week (when work allows me to get to a post office.

    Looking forward to seeing your work now, Paul ;-)