Thursday, 17 June 2010

Skaven warband finally ready for action

It's taken a while, and I've been sick of the sight of them a few times but finally the warband/horde is finished!
Painted to barely tabletop standard they are most definately not winning any awards, but on the table in a group I'm quite happy with the look. As you can see there's more then 300pts there, but as I'm gearing up for a "songs of..." campaign numbers and variety are required.
Stats for the assembled:
  • Ratman Leader 60pts Q3+ C3 Leader 1
  • Ratman Wizard 46pts Q3+ C1 Fearless, MagicUser 1
  • Ratman warrior 27pts Q4+ C3 Gregarious 9
  • Ratman Scout 24pts Q4+ C2 Gregarious, stealth 4
  • Ratman Beastmaster 46pts Q3+ C3 Beastmaster 1
  • RatSwarm 22pts Q3+ C1 Swarm, Free Disengage 4
  • Rat Daggerthrower 27pts Q4+ C2 Gregarious, Poison, Shooter: Short
  • Ratman Standard Bearer 23pts Q4+ C3 Standard Bearer 1
The description/explanation of the troup types and warband theme are still the same form the original details earlier in the year, with of course the exception of the ranged warriors kindly gifted to me.

With the ranged weapons being throwing stars or daggers I've made them short range shooters, and to make up for that I don't think it's too out of theme to make the throwing weapons dipped in poison (although this will be subject to agreement from my opponent MacSver)


  1. Question about the rat swarms, it looks as if you have one guy who can detach from the base? Can you explain the reasoning? :) (Just for my own curiousity)

  2. Tristan, yup the biggest rats (Old citdel Fiend Factory rats) do just lift out the swarm bases. It's just flexibility so that I can use them as single giant rats for different games/RPG. As you'd pointed out, all those months ago, they'd need to be singles for Mordheim should I ever get round to playing it.

  3. Glad to see you made use of the figures :-)

    I've not gamed for a long while but maybe its time to go back to SOBH...


  4. ADB: No thank for the pieces. Having throwing attacks as ranged is a nice change, and those raised arms look good out on the table.

  5. not a bad looking warband of Skaven there, nice idea with the giant rats, how do you keep them attached, magnets or good ol fashioned blutak?