Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Warbands, warbands everywhere.

Over a week since the last post, but I suppose that's the price for having two projects running at the same time. No update on the Sci-fi tunnels because the next step is at home and my hobby time has been taken with the higher priority of desperately trying to get a workable number of Skaven painted up for the start a mini campaign starting next week. But I was tidying up/raking through boxes last week and interesting mini's started to poke their heads out crying out for a themed warband.
First off we have a motley collection for a beastmen/chaos warband. Painted up are some Heroscape Chaos Knights (not pictured) and an excellent large Minotaur I picked up already painted as a free from a different ebay purchase a while back (which is still unpainted). I may have to cast him as a Giant Minotaur, as standard one's already come in witha big special rule. I also have a blisters worth of nice G.W. beastmen and a clutch of old plastic beastmen as well. There are also a couple of other plastic minotaurs (and ratman) of unknown origin (possibly a Dark World expansion) and a D&D mini's minotaur to boot.

Next I found a couple of old Grenadier Angels, which are crying out to be the focus for a religious warband. Problem is that Angels cost so many points that it would have to be a single personality 500pt warband. So far I've my searches have brought some already painted Empire soldiers, and female warrior and some G.W. Amazons(?), and perhaps rope in a couple of Ral Partha Priests for scenario purposes.

And we won't mention the assembled masses that need painted to form a goblinoid based warband.

Bah, and I was just planning to move over to Sci-fi for a while!

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