Friday, 11 June 2010

Timid footsteps into the past

It had to happen sometime, just this is sooner than expected. Every couple of weeks or so Star_Halo* (previously known here as ArabianOtherKnight) has been making to journey through to the Livingston Battleground games club to get a game. Well, he's decided that with the limited hobby time available to concentrate on one genre. All very sensible so far. Until he decided that it would combine with his other interest of the Second World War.

Now so far I've avoided historical gaming for a number of reasons. You can play fast and loose with sci-fi or fantasy. As fictional settings you can't really be wrong, to a certain degree. With choosing a historical period to game in you can. The research into the particular time frame is another whole new ball game to pick up and combine with everything else. I would have been unaffected if he'd chosen and ancient race to study, but I've been fascinated by WWII since being a wee boy and this was always going to be the first historic gaming period I'd consider looking at.

It was decided, by S_H*, that 20mm was the route to go to allow for either large battles or skirmish whilst trying to keep costs down (in theory). So I dashed out and picked up some 1:72 Airfix British Infantry, German Infantry and command post to fight over. I've opened that pandora's box now and am damned. The proposed ruleset is Rapid Fire , although I may have to look for another set to play with Arabiansquire to get the most use from the figures. So far I'm considering Ganesha Games "Flying Lead" as we already play  "Songs of Blades and Heroes", but I've also downloaded Paper TIger Armamants free ruleset, which looks quite fun.

Off now to worry myself whether to paint my German Infantry a field gray or a gray/green...

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