Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lunchtime Project - end week 2

Good progress this week. First of all I managed to get the pipe lengths cut. This was no minor job as the cardboard tube walls are 5mm thick. In the end I've decided on 2 straight sections and 1 elbowed section. The straights are 12" long to make them a couple of movements phases in Necromunda. The elbowed pipe is longer.

I also decided to construct a ruined node for a bit of variety.
The tops of all the pipes have been cut away to provide access to play miniatures, especially as the lengths are "designed" to have figures stationary inside them.

Final shot is of the complex with all the "hatches" exposed. Next I need to tidy up the edges and get the glue out. I may cut some small windows in the node walls as well before that.

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