Thursday, 13 May 2010

Frugal In Falkirk

(also posted on the Year of Frugal Gaming blog)

Well I made it to Carronade in Falkirk on Saturday, armed with two cardboard boxes full of offerings and a bag of change. I'd forgotten how frantic the Bring & Buy section of a convention is. I arrived there just as my pitch was starting, With a 5 minute swap over time I was suprised (and jealous) of how quickly the two guys either side of me were set up, with their wares well presented to the hordes, whilst I tried to ladle the contents of my boxes onto the small space available.

The majority of the items for sale being sold for someone I knew (with a healthy commission), so as I unpacked I was gutted to know that one of my neighbours had had enquiries from someone searching their "Holy Grail" - a Call Of Cthulu core boxset, which I was putting on the table.(Thankfully he came back round again so we were all happy). The 1980's Citidel mini's (at a bargain £1) were popular and over 50 went in the hour. I'd seperated the themes into seperate boxes which really helped browsers, as well as giving a discount for large multiple buys. At the end of a frantic hour the vast majority of stock was still there, but about £100 worth of business had been done, and with so much stock being Cthulu RPG suppliments it would have taken a constant stream of Cthulu RPG enthusiasts to clear me out. So I finished the morning happy with more cash in my pocket than I arrived with, lighter boxes and having enjoyed the time chatting & haggling.

After a bite of lunch the focus moved to the other two purposes of attendance, gaming and bargains. As I had Arabiansquire with me, who had been very patient during the B&B we looked out for a game. Looking round the Participation games available, and considering what time we had left, a couple of seats were swooped on for a Magnificent Seven game presented by RAF Leuchars Wargaming Club. They always have excellently presented and thought out games every year, so I was looking forward to it. It really ticked every box in what I look for in a Convention P&P game. Gorgeous to look at, easy to pick up, fun to play and enthusiastic and friendly folk running it. We played Britt and Harry in the village square ambush, and not only did the assembled players manage to take out all the bandits (bar one), but Arabiansquire managed rack up the largest bandit count to win overall (for which the greatful villagers gave him an extra piece of "reward". Great fun. (I fact in the time it's taken me to write this report it was awarded Best Participation Game. Congratulations, well deserved)

This brings us onto the last part - swag. Now being entrenched in this frugal business I found that very little tempted my wallet. Don't get me wrong, there was loads of nice stuff up for grabs, but I kept reminding myself that I wasn't looking for it, or it wasn't a game I was playing or (more commonly if I'm honest) I still had similar unpainted items in the hobby shed. However I did pick up a bargain in the Bring and Buy in the form of a repainted car for some Necromunda action, and the buildings from the Dark World expansion Village Of Fear. I also picked up magetic basing components for the  staff, after an informaitve chat with the staff there on what I needed. I also picked up a free quality printout of the Doctor Who miniatures game intro "Battle for Canary Wharf" from a freindly fellow (sorry, I can't remember your name) promoting Crooked Dice Game Design and had an interesting discussion on Doctor Who, licensing and more.

In conclusion, a good day was had. There aren't any details of the games out on the tables because I didn't actually have time to get round and see them all properly. The selling really did put a pinch on the available browsing time. In hindsight, as I wasn't really looking to buy much I should have spent less time at the stalls and more time looking round the games, but hey-ho, there you go, Can't undo what's done! I did come out with more money than I went in with, I played a great game and I picked up a bargain. Sounds like a sucess to me.

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  1. Even if you weren't in it to buy, window shopping and the novelty of seeing what's on offer can be fulfilling. I wouldn't feel bad about spending time wandering among the stalls.