Monday, 3 May 2010

Lunch-time project #1 - Sci-fi Tunnels - The Brief

Now that we all know what the lunch-time project is I can bash on with this WIP feature.

I have "inherited" (read nagged until given) a bag full of foam core strips and thick inner paper tubes from a poster printer feed. Now I've always fancied a sewer type setup to have on the board but the practicalities of having an underground level are always too great. So with scrap in hand I've decided to move it all above ground and have a small pipe network to move through.
The plan above shows the basic idea. A section of pipe running between two access nodes. Each node will have more than one pipe leading into it. The pipes will be detachable from the nodes for ease of storage and for flexibility of size. The pipes are large enough to have a 28mm figure inside, so there must be a way to move the figure down the pipe section.

I will construct the nodes from the foam core and obviously the pipes from the tubing. All other details will be worked out as I go along.

Updates on this will hopefully be weekly.

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