Thursday, 6 May 2010

Into The Foggy Castle

It was with much joy (and no little relief) that another,much delayed, session of Warhammer Fantasy RGP was had this week. With delays due to work done on Arabian Towers it had been well over a month since the last get together. Fortunately we had left it at a convenient break in events, so it was easy to get going again. Also, to add to the occasion, I was putting into practice my Fog of RPG system, as detailed last week.

The gaming table is usually a pretty cramped space at the best of times with character sheets, dice, books, figures, scenery and refreshments/snacks, so having an extra monitor & laptop on the surface (albeit at the edge) felt a little confined for me. I use a GM screen to mask any roles/enemy figures during the game but don't particularly like seperation from the rest of the players it forces upon you. So to have a monitor in the way as well left me miles away from the action.
That aside the "hi-tech" map delivery worked well. Everyone had a good view of as much map as they were allowed and the group could make clear plans for their assault, which helped GMing a complicated scene. It was easier to pin point the different movements of the characters, so instead of a general "I'll hide in the shadows" we had "I'll hide in those shadows" (which happened to be next to the stairs where some enemies came down to complicate things!). As some of the party moved through the inside of the fortifications there was definitely a greater air of suspense as the rooms were gradually unveiled before them which nicely added to the atmosphere of sneaking round a heavily guarded castle.

As for the game itself, the party decided to make my life difficult by splitting up and doing consecutive actions, but as this action all happens on different sides of a courtyard it shouldn't be a problem getting back together (they hope). There were some nice flanking moves through the castle and some good pre-attack party planning (for once). And with the scene left having let allies into the castle but stirred up a whole lot of ,literally, chaos for themselves the next session should be interesting if they are to get through to the rest of the castle. Just as well the progress is saved on the map!

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  1. For me, the inclusion of the 'Fog of RPG' system as an aid for both the players and the GM really worked well and it definitely helped us adventurers attempt a bit of planning for a change. So much so that I reckon we’d still be outside the castle gates attempting to use the stout one as a battering ram otherwise!