Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Frostgrave Campaign - #1 The Discovery

Part one of the "The Diabolist's Scheme" campaign published (for free) by Cigar Box Battle Games.

The first battle starts with a standard Frostgrave set up, but with two treasure markers replaced by mortally wounded captains.

Elementalist Bayaz:

  • Spells: Elemental Bolt, Wall, Elemental Shield, Decay,  Bind Demon, Telekinesis,  Forget Spell, Banish.
  • People: Apprentice (Lancrix the Tall), Ranger (Ferro), Archer (The Dogman), Infantryman (Caul Shivers) and five thugs

Enchanter Cornelius "Tim" McDonald:

  • Spells: Enchant Weapon, Enchant Armour, Telekinesis, Push, Elemental Hammer, Fog, Awareness, Heal
  • People: Apprentice (Jamie), Man-at-Arms (Duncan), Infantryman (Lennox), Archer, Thief, 4 Thugs

The action divided into two areas. One focus was in the central ruin, where the 2 wounded captains lay, whilst the other was to the more open walled flank. Enchanter Tim also sent a runner off to the other side, where a treasure was sitting on the top floor of a ruined tower.

The Enchanter's thief out on her own and arrows and elemental bolts started whizzing about her. So a bank of fog was conjured up to give her a bit of cover. Bayaz's charge also took advantage of the cover to rush forward and pick up some treasure.

In the ruins the Enchanter's thugs had reached the wounded first. Before he dies, the captain tells them they were searching the city for a ruined wizards tower with tomes and treasure but their warband was wiped out by a Demon attack. As if to prove the point an Imp appears at the body side, but the two thugs (on the left) manage to eventually defeat it under the careful interests of Bayaz.

Bayaz's followers pushed forward, threatening the opposing thief, but they came under heavy fire from Tim's lone archer (sheltering in the ruins) and suffered casualties.

Red Hat, in the meantime was making swift and un-threatened progress away off board with some loot.

Over on the other side of the ruins Bayaz's elemental bolts had been foiled by a second bank of sight blocking fog. He moved up to threaten the enemy retrieving the treasure from the high ruin floor, but 2 thugs rushed out of the fog and took him out. The Treasure, with the aid of a couple of thugs and a telekinesis spell left the area for Tim's side.

This only left the Enchanter's thief. She had ducked into the woods to escape the flurry of arrows and magical bolts flying past her head. This had cut her already slow progress away to a crawl. Ferro and a thug caught up and delayed the treasure escaping before time ran out.

Both sides managed to leave with a single treasure, but Enchanter Tim had gained more XP by more successful spell casting (and not being taken out of the game).


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    1. Good but frustrating from my point of view trying to get treasure off! :)